8 Ways to Beat Depression (From One Who’s Been There)

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Okay. I love writing with humor. But I can’t right now. Because here’s the truth that concerns me. Don’t want to mention it at all. But, here’s the deal. You are a person, or you know someone fairly well who has struggled with depression. And very truthfully, most folks don’t understand it. Sadly, I do. This condition strikes millions of fine men and women each year throughout the world. The following tips certainly can’t instantly set a person free from this condition. However, as a former depression sufferer myself, I would like to offer 8 suggestions for encouragement (not essentially in order of importance). So, here they are.

1. Understand that you are definitely not by yourself within this arena of the depressed. In the United States, greater than 19 million people suffer from depression. More females disclose depression symptoms than men, but I am certainly a good example that males are susceptible to this particular condition too. Depression is sadly more common for those in the teenage and college years.

2. There is much, much hope! Remember: Depression can be adequately treated. You can certainly start feeling better. Mental health professionals inform us that the majority of people who deal with a depressive occurrence (80% or even more) are able to feel so much better when they obtain an effective treatment method of a variety of types. At times it takes a while, but you CAN RECOVER! So, look forward to that time, and when you feel exceptionally sad, keep in mind that this will not stay with your forever. Cling to that truth!

3. Don’t ever mentally beat up on yourself. No matter what ignited the occurrence of depression, realize that you are an unique person of exceptional importance. I am a minister and I hope you’re not offended, but you are a living soul of great importance in the eyes of God. The struggles and sadness of depression do not imply that you are a person with a hopeless future. On the contrary, some individuals come out out of the depression with the newfound ability to encourage many individuals given that there are plenty of men and women who can’t identify with the condition of depression.

4. De-fang depression. When you have your very first episode of depression, you might not understand what is going on, and it can truly be scary. However, if you have reoccurring episodes of depression (which unfortunately isn’t rare), you can take the fangs away from depression by means of acknowledging just what it is, verbalizing what you know it is, and setting about the procedures necessary to recover. The more that you realize just what your condition is, and that it is temporary, you will ultimately discover yourself being less frightened of depression if and when it occurs. You can start to de-fang depression.

5. Remember that the condition of true depression is very different in comparison to just getting the blues. The word “depressed” is frequently used by those who do not have an idea regarding what genuine depression is. Individuals say, “I’m depressed right now,” when really these people are experiencing a simple case of the doldrums for any number of reasons. The date did not go smoothly. The supervisor shouted at them, etc. Any person can get the blues on just about any given day. However, deep, clinical depression is so substantially more serious in comparison to the blues and is not to be look at as only a mild condition.

6. Do not experience a depressive episode alone. Depending on depth of your symptoms, advise a dear friend, loved one, clergyman, and certainly your medical professional. To involve people who love and support you through this ailment can greatly enrich and expedite your recovery time. And please, make a solid determination that if, at any time, you have significant ideas of suicide or hurting yourself in any way, without delay call in expert medical help.

7. Be ready to fight depression on several fronts. As a result of several years of my own research and private battle with this particular issue, I know there may be many reasons for a depressive episode. Check with your health care provider. But also consider a professional counselor or a pastor or other clergyman who has experience and the credentials to counsel someone who is dealing with depression. In my opinion it can sometimes be largely a medical/chemical problem, and many other occasions there are life experiences and psychological and mental issues that should be discussed with a qualified professional trained to help you through this frustrating mental health problem.

8. Don’t be shocked if a great degree of anxiousness goes along with your depression. For me it was a vicious circle. I was depressed and didn’t understand the reasons why, consequently my level of anxiety started to rise, and the more my anxiousness escalated, that provided me more to be depressed about. So, eventually that was a cycle that I had to break through some wise professional therapy. Just recognize that you might be restless during this time which is not unheard of. Try not to worry about it any more than you are already concerned, and continue to seek out your medical professional and/or counselor’s guidance.

I wish for you the very best. You will make it. You can get through this thing and find yourself feeling better. Know that there is certainly help available and, most of all, make sure you get that help. You can overcome this! Blessings to all.

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Self hypnosis and subliminal sound therapy mP3s to ease depression.