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What is abundance and prosperity for you? Is it the bed fellow of the man that speeds by in his luxury car? You look at their jet setting lifestyle and you think, why do all the breaks happen to them and not to me? I can tell you right now it’s because of what you just said. That is having a poor man mindset. You will find in this article how changing the way you think can change your life. A good life is not only for the select few, it’s for you.

First of all what is abundance? It is an outpouring fullness of provision in your life. It is having more than what you need to live on. Do not ever think that this is only reserved for the high-brow and sophisticated because it isn’t. You only need desire and a will to persevere no matter what. If you got those checked, then you are qualified to be prosperous.

The law of abundance is at work in the world since time began. It doesn’t choose who and where it operates, it is just there. Think of this, the universe is so vast yet it continues to expand even as we speak. Nature is rich with life and still, plants and animal continue to flourish and evolve. Nature’s resources get depleted, but the earth always returns so much more than it takes back.

Your mind is the alpha and omega of receiving your prosperity. Understand that the world is a bottomless vat of wealth created for its inhabitants. You can either doubt and stay where you are; or dare to believe and reach new heights. See the world as a place of boundless opportunities waiting for you and it will be.

Do you know what you are attracting? Check the thoughts you entertain. If you constantly have fears of sickness you are entertaining in your mind, then that’s an outcome you will soon find manifested. Think of good health and it is yours. This doesn’t mean to disregard symptoms or genuine sickly feelings – of course not. You do what needs to be done and make it an effort to focus on beneficial thoughts from here on end.

The thoughts you have are more than insubstantial daydreams that you engage in to pass time. It is powerful and highly charged. Think about prayer. This act involves your heart, mind and spirit to bring to pass your life?s desires. The law of abundance operates by receiving these ‘vibrations’ from your inner man to the physical world, commanding the manifestation to appear. Use this tool to your advantage and you will discover the results will prove it true.

Remember, your needs and desires are valid and it is part of being alive. The good news is provision has already been made for you. There is only a decision you need to make today: go on your life like the rest of the world; or dare to aim for abundance and prosperity and live a full life because of it. It’s not that hard really, choose the latter and you will never regret it.

The author of this piece enjoys a life of overflowing abundance and prosperity.

Self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s for wealth and prosperity.