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Binaural Beats – The Ultimate Self Improvement

binaural beat slef hypnosisBinaural Beats are specific sound frequencies, that can bring your mind into a profoundly deep state of meditation, within a matter of minutes, by utilizing the latest innovations in sound technology. Binaural beats require a specific sound mixing technique, in order to alter the listener’s brainwave activity. By wearing headphones, and sitting or lying down in a quiet place, binaural beats can be used to create Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave patterns.

When brainwave patterns change, there is also a change in the chemical reactions within the body; this can have a profound effect on your entire physical …

The Power Of Binaural Beats Can Change Your Life

bigstock_Enjoying_His_Music_1297447What if you could easily obtain a simple MP3 that allowed you to meditate as deeply and easily as a Zen Buddhist monk? Imagine all the benefits, physical, mental and emotional, that you could experience from a very deep meditative state. You could access and program your subconscious mind, changing your life for the better.

Binaural Beats are a cutting-edge technology, that can grant you the benefits of meditation that would otherwise take you decades to acquire!

In 1839, Binaural Beats were first discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. However it was not until 1973, when Gerald Oster published “Auditory Beats …

A Brief History of Brainwave Entrainment Research

bigstock_Blue_End_Green_Brain_9922868The phenomenon of brainwave entrainment was first identified in 1934; five years after the discovery of Alpha brainwaves in 1929 by Hans Berger, researchers discovered the brainwave state could be pushed deeper by using flickering lights, a technique called Photic Driving, or photic stimulation. In the year 1942, researchers Dempsey and Morison found that repetitive tactile stimulation also produced brainwave entrainment, and in 1959, Dr. Gian Emilio Chatrian, M.D. discovered that “clicks” at a frequency of 15 clicks per seconds, auditory entrainment was possible.

During the 1960s, brainwave entrainment become a tool, rather than simply a scientific phenomenon. Using photic …

How Different Brainwave States Affect You

ThoughtYour brain cells and your nerve cells, fire electrical signals that oscillate in unique patterns (brainwave patterns). These distinct brainwave patterns are closely related to your ever changing emotions and thoughts, trigger the biochemistry of the brain, and are related to everything you are.

Because binaural beat and isochronic brainwave entrainment can easily manipulate these brainwaves into different mind states, as well as different states of meditation, it is helpful to understand the different brainwave frequencies, and how they influence your state of consciousness.

13-40 Hz: Beta Brainwave Frequencies are the predominant when we are fully awake and alert. It …