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How Self Hypnosis Can Help You

Self hypnosis has long been recognized as an effective means of treating for a number of conditions. Self hypnotherapy can help you have more self confidence, and improve your feelings of self worth. You can also learn to overcome problems like the fear of public speaking or phobias, and become more at ease with yourself […]

Build Self Confidence With Self Hypnosis

Download confidence building self hypnosis mp3s here. Self confidence is when you feel self assured, and have a very solid belief in your own mental and physical capacities. As you can imagine, CEO’s of Fortune 500 corporations and world class athletes are the sort of individuals with a higher than average sense of self confidence […]

How To Get Over General Fatigue Syndrome

Click here for sound energizing MP3s. There are several natural methods to deeply remedy a fatigue. All its causes are elusive by nature. If one wants to determine the real cause of the fatigue, then natural methods should be applied to fully solve the problems. No need for those people to try any type of […]

A Brief History of Brainwave Entrainment Research

The phenomenon of brainwave entrainment was first identified in 1934; five years after the discovery of Alpha brainwaves in 1929 by Hans Berger, researchers discovered the brainwave state could be pushed deeper by using flickering lights, a technique called Photic Driving, or photic stimulation. In the year 1942, researchers Dempsey and Morison found that repetitive […]

Left Brain, Right Brain, And The Power Of Poetry

Sound therapy study music MP3s for ADHD. Some kids are right-brain dominant. They’re creative. They think out of the box. They dance and do art. They usually don’t like math. Other kids are left-brain dominant. They take things apart to figure out how they work. They like order. They think about things and ask lots […]

What The Heck Is NLP?

Self hypnosis and subliminal self help mP3s. NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming and is simply a process inn which individuals communicate in striving to achieve their personal development or goals in life. This is a process akin to programming and developing skill sets that are beneficial in a person’s life. NLP shapes an individual behavior […]