Connect To Who You Are And Beat Depression

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In this posting, I wish to talk about source energy. Source energy is where you were created from. All of us originated from a source, some individuals think of it as divine spirit, other folks think of it as God, or Dao etc. The force through which you spawned from is a divine source. It consists of integrity, positivity, reliability, being humble, etc. It incorporates everything that is good nowadays.

It’s a optimal source and you came from this place. Your true self should be to act in a manner aligned correctly to your source. Your true self is optimistic, is very humble, is kind and you possess strength. Once you wander from whom you are, you really feel depressed, you feel negative, you feel indifferent and despondent. My firm opinion is that we really are spiritual beings that stemmed from an amazing source and we at this moment in time are experiencing a human life experience.

When you accomplish acts of goodness, of companionship, of humbleness, you align yourself to your source and you begin to feel larger. How do you prevail over unhappiness?, A single way is to become gentler. It is proven that both parties in an act of kindness both the giver and that taker really feel more energized and positive immediately after that kind act. You want to eliminate depressive disorders?, become more humble. It is not all about you, it is also about the group. Once you begin to take the attention off your own circumstances and place it on to men and women who genuinely need your support, good things begin to materialize in your life.

In addition there is a continuous unseen channel of vitality linking you to your source all of the time. Some people use mediation for connecting at a more significant level with their source. This also would be some thing I highly advocate. The channel of energy can be bolstered or weakened hinging on your thoughts. The more in-line you really are with your source, the longer your source will be aligned correctly to you

This siphon of energy is similar to the umbilical chord connected between a mother and unborn baby in the mothers womb. The opinions that you transmit through this energy field create your life. The universe we live in functions on one straightforward but yet profound rationale. “As you think so shall you be”. The reason why you are not feeling well at the moment is due to the fact of the thoughts you are thinking. By straightening yourself in the direction of source energy, your actions will immediately adjust your thinking from unfavorable to beneficial. Whipping depression will then take place very quickly thanks to your new thoughts and behaviors.

Self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s to help ease depression.