Dragging Yourself Out Of Hell

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Life isn’t always easy.

When things are looking pretty rough in life, it can be really hard to see the light. Fear, doubt, depression, resentment all creep in and you might find yourself wondering which way is up? Frequently we are so scared to even feel these negative emotions that we try to avoid them altogether, only finding that they come back time upon time. What’s the way out? Is there a way out?

Go through them.

Have the courage to go through.

For many, you are going to have to grip onto your faith in order to make this happen.

There is a particular sort of magic and grace in getting close to your emotions – even the ones that hurt – without being consumed by them. It’s like attempting to put your hand by a hot pan to feel the heat but at the same time trying to not burn yourself. These negative and agonizing feelings, while they test our soul endlessly can become a source to our greatest healing. They can take us places where we need to bring our love and teach us about what needs some attention. Give yourself the opportunity to actually experience these thoughts and emotions deeply without trying to run from them and change them and see how much you can learn. It is a challenging experience to say the least, but it’s an very worthwhile journey in itself.

Does it hurt at times to face your fears? Of course. But when you start to tap into those dark places that scared you so much at one point in your life and you bring light into it, you realize that there isn’t much to be scared of anyone. Your mind can create a prison for you, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s another way and that way is diving head first into the black.

Living in this world is a serious test of how much faith and fortitude you possess. Anyone can fall apart easily, but what’s going to make you different? What’s going to make you the type of person who could face the greatest challenges of life and take a stand for something greater than themselves? Take a chance to dive into these dark parts of your life. You might find the answer there.

Life changing self help MP3s.