Flower Essences and Crystals for Abundance

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Flower essences contain the energetic patterns of the flowers and plants themselves. Flower essences vibrate at different frequencies, and you can focus this energy on your body, mind and soul.

Choose ingredients from this list of flower essences and crystals which are associated with the vibration of money, creativity and abundance.

Flower Essences with these energetic frequencies include:

•Agapanthus fosters a consciousness of abundance, helping you to receive.
•Fullhorn Cattleya creates an inner sense of abundance
•Heliconia fosters creativity
•Hibiscus focuses creative energy and abilities
•Mesquite opens you up to abundance
•Papala Kepau inspires the higher perspective and truth when dealing with money.
•Paw Paw provides clarity and focus
•Petunia fosters visualization
•Plum Flower offers inspiration and new ideas
•Red Lily keeps you grounded and focused
•Turkey Bush inspires creativity

Crystals that resonate with riches include:

•Aventurine fosters financial independence
•Aquamarine stimulates clarity of mind and creativity
•Celestine expands your creative vision
•Citrine attracts money
•Hematite focuses personal magnetism
•Tiger’s Eye stimulates wealth, and helps maintain wealth
•Topaz is an abundance stone

Use a combination of these flower essences and crystals to achieve your financial goals. For example, when you are going for a job interview, or ar out selling things, try wearing a necklace with ctrine or Tiger’s Eye. Mix and match flower essences for the energies you need for your own personal goals.

Self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s for wealth and prosperity.