How Many Meals Per Day Should You Eat To Lose Weight?

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When people ask for advice on how to lose weight more efficiently, they are often overwhelmed by the scientific answers they receive. In today’s post we shall explain how to get the most from your diet with a tip as simple as structuring your meals more effectively.

Despite the big advancements in sports science and the vast array of ‘miracle products’ on the market which claim to yield results without any effort, the world of fat loss is a misleading and often expensive place to be. Furthermore, the actual research behind effective fat loss hasn’t changed dramatically in the last decades, so the basic principles are very easy to apply.

One of the things people often talk about is the frequency of their meals. Does it really make a difference how often you eat? You will regularly hear people at the gym or at work discussing their diet, so it’s not uncommon to hear somebody giving advice on this subject. You have probably heard people saying you should eat regular, smaller meals instead of large, square meals.

Once you get past the many opinions of fitness enthusiasts and trainers, you’re left with the actual science. Is there any relevant research which adds weight to this theory?

Surprisingly, yes there is. The science on this subject reveals that our bodies don’t operate as efficiently when provided with a massive intake of nutrients all in one go. We’re unable to make efficient use of the big intake of fuel, so we tend to store more fat.

More body fat is stored as a result of our muscles simply not needing all of this fuel. Also, it tends to lead us to feel quite bloated and, in some cases, ready for a nap.

If we eat a meal so rich in carbohydrates that we fill our body’s storage resources, we simply have nowhere else to put the rest of the nutrients we have just consumed. Therefore, we begin using it as fat instead.

By breaking down your meals and switching from three bigger, square meals each day to a new lighter approach you will increase fat loss results considerably. This even works if you are still eating the same foods and total calories overall.

Science has shown us over the last couple of decades that when we eat five or six smaller, well rounded meals per day we lose all of the negative side effects we have listed above, such as bloating and sluggishness. As well as this, our body is also able to break down each smaller meal much more efficiently and use it for fuel rather than storing it as unwanted body fat.

Once you take a bit of time learning how to lose weight or how to build muscle, you begin to realize that all the scientific jargon you see on supplements and advertisements are simply gimmicks designed to make the process confusing, so that people will feel lost and spend lots of money. Once you are able to get past that hype and focus on the facts, the actual process of building a better body is very simple indeed.

Author: Russ Howe PTI is the UK’s most subscribed personal trainer. If you want to know how to build muscle or how to lose weight our easy proven guides will help you get the most from your training.

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