iPhone and iPad Users Please Read

buy-iphoneApple software does not allow for downloads outside of iTunes, directly to your hand held device. Please look for this picture with links on the titles that are available on iTunes, and click on it, instead of the Pay Pal or BitCoin buttons, to purchase and download directly from iTunes.

Also, the links from our shopping cart are not designed for streaming. You may be able to stream from those links a few times, but it will eventually fail. Please, look for the iTunes links, or follow the instructions, and download onto a laptop or desktop, then transfer the MP3s.

Once again, your iPhone or iPad will not be able to download our MP3s directly, due to the Apple software.

Unfortunately, iTunes also screens out titles which contain the words “subliminal” and “binaural”, so we were not able to list all of our titles on iTunes.

If you choose to purchase one of our MP3s through the Pay Pal or BitCoin buttons, you can still download our MP3s onto a regular laptop or desktop computer, using the link and password sent to your e-mail address, then you can transfer it to your Apple device via a cord.