Mind-Body Pain Relief

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Do you suffer from back pain? Whether it’s just a twinge, a jolt or a constant ache, you wanted it gone. Sue Johnson knew that feeling well. For many years, the forty-something accountant suffered from back pain no doctor could fix, or even find the cause of.

“But this isn’t all in my head!” Sue wasn’t sure how the pain started, but looking back through the years, she could see she was always tense. One day, spasms of pain raced up her spine, and no pill could eased the pain. Scans were normal. Chiropractors helped, but not much. Sue was in so much pain, she bargued with her husband, and dreaded dealing with her clients. Her marriage was strained, and she was losing income. Sue was deep in despair. What kind of life is this?

The Mind Body Connection

Then Sue’s chiropractor suggested trying self hypnosis and sound therapy, so that Sue could use the mind-body connection to relieve her chronic pain. “There is a link between your subconscious beliefs and your emotions, and your body,” Sue’s chiropractor explained. “When you can reach your subconscious, and let go of your anxiety, stress, fear and anger, you will heal physically, too.” Could that work? Sue wondered. She was willing to give it a try. So she downloaded an MP3 for less than $10. So the next time Susan felt a spasm, she took less than ½ an hour to sit down, and put on her headphones. Closing her eyes, she responded to the healing sound frequencies, and hypnotic script, and imagined her worries all fading away. It felt a bit silly at first, but the sense of calm that flooded Sue was immediate. In a few weeks, there was no more shooting pain in her back. Even better, she felt at peace. Today, Sue is transformed. Whenever she and her husband don’t see eye-to-eye, they talk things out, rather than argue. Her work is more fulfilling, and she enjoys her clients. The tension in her life has faded, and so has her back pain. “Pain is just a memory. By using sound healing self hypnosis, every aspect of my life became better. The mind-body connection is truly a powerful thing!”

Explore the Mind-Body Connection for pain relief here.