Attracting Wealth and Prosperity MP3s

meditations for manifesting mp3

Meditations for Manifesting the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity with Harmonic Wealth Subliminal Suggestions
Subliminal Binaural Beat Subliminal Program, Headphones Required

If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.

If it seems that those who succeed in creating wealth operate on a different wave length, it’s true! The mental pathways and neural connections they have created insure continued success, and that continued success further strengthens those connections. The binaural beats and harmonic tones in this unique program can help to re-create those successful connections within you, and with continued use, strengthen …

Chakra Healing MP3s

Isochronic Chakra Solfeggio Frequencies

Isochronic Chakra Solfeggio FrequenciesChakra Healing Isochronic Tones
What are Isochronic Tones? Isochronic tones are a sound therapy technique that is very powerful. Isochronic tones are regularly paced beats of a single tone; we have used the Solfeggio frequencies associated with each Chakra for these tones. You might hear these pulsing tones as a sort of “helicopter” sound. The frequencies used in this program are not only attuned to the Chakras, but also to the Earth… the isochronic tones progress along what are called the Shumann Resonances. The Shumann Resonance is the magnetic frequency of our planet Earth. The goal is, to not only …

Brainwave Entrainment MP3s

binaural beat gamma mp3

Binaural Beat MP3s

Enlightened Gamma Meditation Binaural Brainwave Entrainment for Clarity Consciousness & Awakened Mind
43 minute Binaural Beat Program, Headphones Required.

Advanced meditation and yoga practices associate the Gamma brain wave frequency with a state of pure compassion. Researchers have also discovered that the Gamma brain wave range is associated with a heightened sense of perception, mood and information processing. Experience the wonder of the Gamma brain wave frequencies without having to spend years steeped in a meditative or yogic tradition. This MP3 can simply and easily, and without effort, help you to achieve the highly sought after Gamma …

HGH Releaser (human growth hormone) MP3s

isochronic HGH mp3

Grow Young with HGH: Naturally Raising Your HGH Levels with Ambient Sound Therapy
60 minute Isochronic Delta Sound Therapy Program

The level of HGH produced diminishes with age; to increase the level of human growth hormone will bring about a youthening, with renewed muscle strength and sexual vitality, and much more! It is known that HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is released during deep, Delta brainwave states, and that sound therapy and relaxation techniques can easily bring you down to the level of consciousness needed for the body to revitalize itself, and produce and release human growth hormone.

Using isochronic sound …

Energizing Sound Therapy MP3s

binaural beat energy mp3

From Fatigued to Fantastic! Sound Energy Medicine to Fight Fatigue and Energize Your Life!
30 minute Headphone Program

This amazing 30 minute MP3 is charged with frequencies to elevate and revitalize! Just play it through headphones as you go about your day. Its perfect on your MP3 player or cell phone as an on the go pick me up! The pulses and beats embedded within the warm, charming music will help to perk you up and keep you focused. You Must Use Headphones For This to be Effective. Purchase this Energizing Sound Program as a CD.

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How to Build Confidence & Self Esteem Self Hypnosis MP3s

confidence self hypnosis

Self Confidence & Self Esteem Self Hypnosis MP3
25 minute Alpha Level Binaural Beat Meditation

Discover your hidden sense of self esteem and self confidence, it’s as easy as putting on a pair of headphones, and relaxing for less than ½ an hour! Feeling more confident and good about yourself not only shows, it affects the way others respond to you. Confident people have a better response during job interviews, make more sales, more raises, more promotions and advancements in their careers. A confident and realistic sense of self esteem also is an important ingredient in meeting new people, and …

Creativity and Brainstorming MP3s

isochronic creativity mp3

Instant Creativity and Lateral Thinking Cracking Creativity & Brainstorming with Sound Resonance
35 minute Headphone Sound Therapy Program

Creativity is composed of two elements: the ability of your brain to make random neural connections, forming completely new ideas in the process, and remaining open and receptive to new ideas. It’s been discovered that sound can be used to elicit responses in the brain; the brain becomes “entrained”, which means it starts to resonate at the same frequency as the sound.

This sound therapy Creativity session uses frequencies to stimulate Alpha and Theta brainwaves, to make you more receptive, while also …

Natural Stress Relief and Relaxation MP3s

stress relief binaural beats

Letting Go of Stress: Mindful Solutions for Natural Stress Relief & Creating Calm in Your Life
Headphones Required!

It’s been discovered that sound can be used to elicit responses in the brain; the brain becomes “entrained”, which means it starts to resonate at the same frequency as the sound. When this happens, it can change the brain wave patterns in your brain temporarily. The sound therapy techniques and frequencies on this beautiful program are an effective and drug free way to ease stress. This is a 30 minute Binaural Beat Sound Therapy Program, using sound frequencies and pulses associated with …

Overcoming Anxiety Self Hypnosis & Subliminal MP3s

anxiety self hypnosis

Mindful Solutions for Stress and Anxiety: Feeling Good with Binaural Beat Self Hypnosis
Headphones Required!

This is a very special MP3- it can aid you in easing stress and anxiety naturally, using sound and words to help rebalance your mind and spirit! It has been shown that the Alpha brainwave level is beneficial for calming the mind’s anxious thoughts, and producing a sense of calm. The binaural beats on this cd can help to bring your mind safely to a meditative Alpha level, thus easing your anxious thoughts and bringing you the sense of calm and peace you deserve!

Keep …

Feeling Depressed? Managing Depression Self Hypnosis & Subliminal MP3s

depression hypnosis and subliminal

Feeling Good: Undoing Depression the Mindful Way, With Self Hypnosis & Sound Healing
Headphones Required!

This is a very special MP3- it can aid you in your recovery from depression naturally, using sound and words to help rebalance your mind and spirit!

If you are currently taking medication, it would be unwise to stop suddenly; this MP3 is not a substitute for medication, but an additional aid, which can help you to recover your sense of balance, and lift your spirit!

It has been shown that depression is a slow wave disorder, meaning that the brainwaves of individuals suffering from …

Weight Loss Help Self Hypnosis and Subliminal MP3s

Weight loss Binaural beat subliminal

Binaural Beat Weight Loss Hypnosis & Subliminal – Headphones

No matter how you’ve struggled to lose weight, you can do it now! These self hypnosis and subliminal programs are enhanced with binaural beat sound therapy techniques, that can allow you to experiment with tapping into the self healing energy that lies deep within the subconscious. In the heightened state of receptivity the special binaural beat brain wave entrainment produces, you have the opportunity to trigger your body’s own ability to heal and regulate your metabolism. Purchase the binaural beat self hypnosis and subliminal for weight loss on CD.

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Urban Beats ADHD Study Music MP3s

urban beats isochronic adhd music therapy

Play the Video to listen to a sample song.


Urban Beats ADHD Study Music for Headphones

Relax, put on your headphones, and lose yourself in the task at hand! Embedded in the urban sounds of instrumental Rap, are sound therapy techniques that will help balance and refocus the brainwaves of those suffering from ADHD. This music therapy program will help you to focus at work or while studying, without drugs, and while enjoying the music you love!

This program is designed to speed up the Left Brain with Beta frequencies, to help with ADD/ADHD. The Left Brain is good for …