Quit Smoking By Hypnosis

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Smoking is one of the most addictive behaviours someone can have. It is often said that regardless of if a pack a day smoker manages to quit for one or two years, the tendency to return to the habit is sort of large. All he has to do is take one drag and the whole addiction is back again. Hypnosis is amongst the many strategies which can seriously help. A mate of mine once attempted to quit smoking by hypnosis. With this short story of his experience, you can get some understanding of what you would expect your experience to be.

He used to be a pack a day smoker, for about 5 years or so. He actually needed the cigarette to feel calm and think straight. The need to quit, eventually, became larger than the urge to smoke, so he made a decision to give hypnosis a try. His experience was simply astounding!

What he did was buy a Quit Smoking Mp3 from one of the popular online shops. Burnt it on to a CD, put on some earphones and lay on his bed, waiting to be hypnotised. The 1st time he probably did it he slid asleep! The sessions are a bit long, about 45 minutes or so. There was no effect, so he made sure he stayed awake the next time.

So after he probably did it right, he started experiencing a very engaging mindset. He still wished to smoke, he knew he would enjoy the sensation of nicotine in his body, but he couldn't smoke! He would infrequently even put the cigarette into his mouth, but then he would put it back in its pack and keep it away. He said he was literally in 2 minds, one of them was a smoker and the other wasn't! And the non-smoker was stronger.

This only lasted for only about 4 – 5 hours or so. But this was as he listened to it once. All hypnosis products advocate that it should be listened to at least for 10 days direct to have a durable effect. You should keep that in mind…

Click here for self hypnosis and subliminal MP3sto help you quit smoking.