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It’s never too late.

It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late to try again.

All of that has been given up.

No matter how many times you have failed, you can start over again and again and again.

It’s time for you to live in your own redemption.

And your redemption can come every single day if you want it to.

Time and time again I have looked at my life and knew I needed a fresh start. I needed to let things go and move forward. I’ve done this…what feels like…countless times and it has …

Change Your Life This Year

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This year could be your year.

This year will not be the best year of your life if you aren’t willing to be patient. You have to be patient enough to see all of your goals through no matter what is happening in your life.

The challenges will come your way, but so will the victories…if you have endless amounts of patience. You have to have the patience to see things through all the way to the end and let them develop in the way they are supposed to.

Be a very patient gardener of …

Dragging Yourself Out Of Hell

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Life isn’t always easy.

When things are looking pretty rough in life, it can be really hard to see the light. Fear, doubt, depression, resentment all creep in and you might find yourself wondering which way is up? Frequently we are so scared to even feel these negative emotions that we try to avoid them altogether, only finding that they come back time upon time. What’s the way out? Is there a way out?

Go through them.

Have the courage to go through.

For many, you are going to have to grip onto your faith …

The Presence Of Chaos In Your Soul


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“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” – Nietzsche

“Go to the deepest darkest place you can permit yourself to be and see if you can find a little light up in the top right corner?”

Yes, I saw that little light. For years, I thought that light was something by the name of resilience. What I didn’t know was that the light was really joy. How could joy exist in this extraordinarily dark moment? How could joy be present in this awful and terrible …

Uncertainty Is Really A Beautiful Thing

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There’s really no such thing as certainty.

This life is all truly uncertain.

You don’t need to be scared of uncertainty. In fact, the coming to terms with uncertainty is a pretty powerful moment. When you give up always trying to create your future or escaping your past and truly show up in this moment, you give yourself the opportunity to actually live a life. It’s only when you try to move out of the present moment that things can start to get pretty shaky at times.

As exciting as the future can …

The One Guarantee In Life


There’s truly only one thing that you can truly guarantee about life – it will all change.

Change is inevitable. You can’t avoid it, you can’t control it, and you certainly can’t go back and fix it. We have to embrace the changes in life because they are a natural part of life. As for the future? Well, we may have some general ideas of what we would like to do with our lives but really the rest is left up to fate as well.

The past and the future are two places that can actually grip your mind so …

You Can’t Always Be Positive

wild-bored-catBeing positive every single day isn’t a reality.

Being positive all of the time isn’t realistic because life is incredibly balanced. Life gives us a dose of negative to really help us appreciate the positives.

To be truly positive you have to be willing to suffer through the negatives. You have to be willing to fight through the dark times in order to see the light. Carl Jung once said, “The brighter the light the darker the shadow.” That statement couldn’t be any truer.

In my life, I try and keep my writing pretty positive and hopeful because I am …

Come To The Dark Side, We Brought Cookies

Going to the dark places in your life is scary.

It seems hard. It’s exhausting. But in spite of all of that, it’s one of the most lucrative adventures you can attempt. Why you will ask? Because going into the “shadows” permits you to exhibit deep seeded discomfort, experiences and events you really haven’t come to terms with yet, and feelings you’ve got a deep tendency to avoid. When you go into the shadows with compassion and love, and essentially try to really understand the parts of you that could be experiencing pain, you give yourself the chance to heal.…

Taking Anxiety For A Ride

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Ever listened to someone define anxiety in precisely the way that it changed it fully?

I won’t forget sitting in class and having my master coach say to everybody, “Now a lot of things are going to change in your life, and this can bring up some agitation, but just think of this anxiety as new things happening.”


New things occuring? I haven't ever thought of it like that before. When we actually get down to define anxiety in a strict sense, it’s a feeling of worry or uneasiness about a …

Helpful Advice On How To Deal With Your Anxiety

nervous-nedClick here for stress relieving sound therapy MP3s.

Getting ready to leave your home can be difficult when you are anxious. You might avoid friends or activities you once enjoyed for fear of an anxiety attack. This can cause you to feel alone, luckily you can get help with this article.

Playing music will provide positive assistance with anxiety. Put on some favorite tunes when you find anxiety creeping up. Follow the music, playing every note in your head. Before long, whatever was causing your anxiety will vanish from your thoughts. Occupying your mind can help you cope with your …

Using Affirmations for Fear and Anxiety

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Using affirmations must be based on the moment, and it is best to repeat them to yourself out loud or write them down. Make them positive and reflective, and describe the way you want to feel. For example:

“I am not controlled by anxiety.”
“I am safe.”
“I am protected.”
“I feel calm and peaceful.”
“I enjoy my life.”
“I find life’s challenges exhilerating.”

Affirmations may be based on a behavior, a thought pattern, or a more basic principle. Affirmations are recommended when you’re feeling fearful or anxious, but many people find …

Stress Relief, Binaural Beat and Isochronic 2 MP3s

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Calm and Relax yourself drug free and naturally, with healing sound therapy. It’s been discovered that sound can be used to elicit responses in the brain; the brain becomes “entrained”, which means it starts to resonate at the same frequency as the sound. When this happens, it can change the brain wave patterns in your brain temporarily. The sound therapy techniques and frequencies on this beautiful program are an effective and drug free way to relax. Studies have shown that with continued use, sound …