Dragging Yourself Out Of Hell

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Life isn’t always easy.

When things are looking pretty rough in life, it can be really hard to see the light. Fear, doubt, depression, resentment all creep in and you might find yourself wondering which way is up? Frequently we are so scared to even feel these negative emotions that we try to avoid them altogether, only finding that they come back time upon time. What’s the way out? Is there a way out?

Go through them.

Have the courage to go through.

For many, you are going to have to grip onto your faith …

The Presence Of Chaos In Your Soul


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“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” – Nietzsche

“Go to the deepest darkest place you can permit yourself to be and see if you can find a little light up in the top right corner?”

Yes, I saw that little light. For years, I thought that light was something by the name of resilience. What I didn’t know was that the light was really joy. How could joy exist in this extraordinarily dark moment? How could joy be present in this awful and terrible …

Come To The Dark Side, We Brought Cookies

Going to the dark places in your life is scary.

It seems hard. It’s exhausting. But in spite of all of that, it’s one of the most lucrative adventures you can attempt. Why you will ask? Because going into the “shadows” permits you to exhibit deep seeded discomfort, experiences and events you really haven’t come to terms with yet, and feelings you’ve got a deep tendency to avoid. When you go into the shadows with compassion and love, and essentially try to really understand the parts of you that could be experiencing pain, you give yourself the chance to heal.…

Depression Self Hypnosis MP3

depression-hypnosisUndoing Depression the Mindful Way, With Self Hypnosis & Binaural Beats
Headphones Required!

This is a very special MP3- it can aid you in your recovery from depression naturally, using sound and words to help rebalance your mind and spirit!

If you are currently taking medication, it would be unwise to stop suddenly; this MP3 is not a substitute for medication, but an additional aid, which can help you to recover your sense of balance, and lift your spirit!

It has been shown that depression is a slow wave disorder, meaning that the brainwaves of individuals suffering from depression exhibit …