The Many Benefits Of Becoming Smoke Free

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We all know that smoking is harmful to your health and the best thing to do is quit. However we also know this is easier said than done and massive amounts of willpower are required. There are benefits for your health to quitting irrespective of how long you have smoked, your sex or age. Even if you are suffering from smoking related illness such as heart disease there is still every good reason to give up.

Many studies prove that health begins to improve once you quit cigarettes after twenty minutes. If you can give up smoking for a twenty year period, you can turn back the clock on this bad habit. The human body has amazing abilities to recover from the effects of tobacco.

When you quit smoking your heart rates lowers after 20 minutes. Blood pressure drops and circulation to your extremities becomes normal again.

When you quit smoking for 12 hours, you enjoy lower carbon monoxide blood levels.

From the second week to the twelfth week, your heart attack risk lowers. You can breathe better and exercise is easier. Your circulation also improves.

After nine months time, shortness of breath improves and you are coughing much less than before. You have more energy, and experience fewer infections. You are not as congested as in the past.

After a year of being smoke free your risk of coronary heart disease will be reduced by 50% when compared to a normal smoker.

When you reach five years without a cigarette your risk of mouth cancer as well as cancers of the throat and oesophagus will dramatically fall.

If you can quit smoking for a ten year period you have a fifty percent lower chance of getting lung cancer. You also decrease your chances of bladder, kidney, and pancreatic cancers.

Having made it fifteen years without smoking then your risk of death from coronary heart disease is approximately the same as someone who has never smoked in their life.

So you see giving up smoking can have health benefits very quickly and it is never to late to stop. As well as improved health your bank balance will be flush to the tune off hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Your breath, clothes and hair won’t smell of stale smoke. And because of improved taste food and drink will be much more enjoyable.

Today is a good time to stop smoking and feel better.

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